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Step into a world of unparalleled value with our CTO Innovator Office Hours package – your passport to innovation and triumph. Dive into up to 4 hours of expert consultancy, complete with session video recordings, a potent written strategy packed with recommendations, full session transcripts, and 7 days of email support, all valued at up to an impressive $51,700. But that's just the start. Enter our exclusive Innovators Community, a vibrant space buzzing with brilliant minds and groundbreaking ideas. Plus, receive a comprehensive 25-Point VC Audit, equipping you with the tools and insights needed to spearhead technological innovation and business success. Are you ready to unleash your potential? The CTO Innovator Office Hours package is your ticket to unlocking innovation, support, and unprecedented growth.

Price: starting at $ 650 for 30 minutes Key Features

• up to 4 Hours per month at a $5,000 Value  • Session Video Recording at a $10,000 Value • Mini Written Strategy with Recommendations at a $15,000 Value  • Full Session Transcript at a $10,000 Value • E-mail Support for 7 days - respond within 24 Hours at a $10,000 Value • Innovators Community at a $1200 Value • 25-Point VC Audit at a $500 Value



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