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CTO Enhanced Plan - Monthly



Imagine embarking on a transformative journey with our dynamic CTO Enhanced Plan - Monthly package. Dive into 50 hours per quarter of expert consultancy, valued at an impressive $75,000. But that's just the beginning. Explore session video recordings, a concise yet potent written strategy loaded with recommendations, full session transcripts, and 7 days of email support, all valued at a remarkable $70,200. This isn't just guidance; it's a personalized roadmap to drive your tech initiatives to new heights. But wait, there's more! Join our vibrant Innovators Community, a bustling hub of brilliant minds and revolutionary ideas. And don't forget our meticulous 25-Point VC Audit, ensuring you're armed with the tools and insights needed for success. Ready to embark on this exciting tech adventure? The CTO Enhanced Plan is your key to innovation, support, and limitless growth.

Price: $50,000 for 50 hours per month Key Features

• 50 Hours per month at a $75,000 Value  • Session Video Recording at a $15,000 Value • Mini Written Strategy with Recommendations at a $25,000 Value  • Full Session Transcript at a $15,000 Value • E-mail Support for 7 days - respond within 24 Hours at a $15,000 Value • Innovators Community at a $1200 Value • 25-Point VC Audit at a $500 Value



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